How it all began – A brief history of Mallet Court Nursery

By James Harris

When my wife and I married we settled here at Curry Mallet. At that time I had a lot of plants which I had brought from my former home. My wife was aghast and said that either we had a large bonfire or started a nursery. So it all began. Now we are a well established small family business run by my wife and myself specialising in rare and unusual trees and shrubs. At first we produced maples. Then we decided to diversify and began to grow oaks. Now we have one of the largest collections of maples and oaks in the Country. We have travelled widely, especially in the Far East and  USA, collecting plants and have introduced several new plants. In order to tell people about our plants and show them we have exhibited at major shows both in this Country and abroad. We have been awarded many premier awards including Gold Medals at Chelsea and elsewhere. We retired from exhibiting in 2010 having won six Gold Medals that year. We enjoy meeting our Clients and making new friends. Their encouragement and support keeps us going.